It's too easy to point out Confucius' saying that ends with "I do and I understand". But it's also true! Learners must be highly involved in experiential teaching strategies to be successful 21st century citizens.

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“Students Learn Best When They are Involved in Their Learning”

Or so said my first principal some forty two years ago after he hated my first lesson observation.

To begin with I will apologize for  indulging you with an episode from my own teaching life. I promise you that there will be very few of these. I use this episode as a basis for my scholarly and principled exploration of experiential / active participatory instructional design rationales and assistance that has driven my professional life.

It was 1969! I had just gotten a teaching job as a social studies teacher in a semi- rural area, soon to become part of the suburban sprawl of New York City, some fifty miles to the west. In fact I, as a Queens, New York native, had never even heard of the school district that had hired me!

I was assigned seventh graders. I was given a text about New York State history and that was it as far as new teacher support and guidance. To that date, I had had all of four months of teaching experience in a high school. My Cooperating Teacher loved me and my students responded well to my engaging them in discussions and lecture. My Supervising Teacher was not nearly as fond of my style. He carped about lesson design but gave absolutely no guidance about how to improve it. (more…)


The Thrill of the Instructional Chase!

Don’t you feel it? You know, when a lesson you have designed, or a “discrepent event” that you have grabbed for the teaching moment, or a student’s reaction downright catalyzes AND galvanizes your learners beyond the beyond.

It has happened to all teachers, presenters, leaders, at least once  and probably more than you even knew it. For me the first time I realized this was when a parent called me. I knew that he had a reputation as difficult parent and was prepared for most anything.

He said, “I want to know what’s going on in your classroom.” I said I wasn’t sure I knew what he meant.

He proceeded to say that for the “first time in his son’s life he wanted  to got to school, indeed for the first time, was enjoying learning.” (more…)

Send Me Your Lesson and Unit Ideas and I

will help you transform them!

That is what this blog is intended to do. Its mission is to highly involve like – minded educators and trainers to co-develop lessons, units, presentations, speeches, workshops so that the participants you teach will not only be engaged in what you have created but will also both learn from it and elevate their own learning.

What you’re going to be, is a catalyst of learning communities.