It's too easy to point out Confucius' saying that ends with "I do and I understand". But it's also true! Learners must be highly involved in experiential teaching strategies to be successful 21st century citizens.

All right.  I promise no more war story-biographies in the foreseeable future of this blog. But let me remind you that the FIRST post invited you to send me your lesson and unit design ideas and that is the mission and purpose of this blog: That we form a community of creators! That we empower each other to settle for nothing less than quality, creative, highly involving, teaching that is also effective.

By effective, let’s face it, nowadays a lesson or a unit has to have value on many levels. For sure, where possible, we want the lesson to be “fun” and involving. But  fun and involvement doesn’t cut it anymore if we can’t link the time spent and the energy invested to showing that the kids have taken something educationally valuable from it.

Some of you and probably I would and could rail against the A word as in accountability. But I would say “bring on the accountability”. I can show how my kids can read, write, think, problem solve, and decide better from their interaction with my lessons .

Good teaching brings good scores any way you want to measure.

And that brings me back to Cowboys and Indians or Cops and Robbers, or House, or Monopoly.

Think about it. Although the reference to Cowboys and Indians may date me a little I can offer up perhaps more timely analogies, like say, playing Star Wars, or playing superheroes.

Or playing virtually ANY video game.

Think about it. “Play” is almost always a modified or simplified model of reality. We can’t reproduce the situation totally, so we simplify it so we can understand it and so we can learn from it.

And that is where experiential learning comes in for much more exploration. The next post will develop the rationale for creating experiential, constructivist lesson strategies and then we can begin to co-develop some lessons of like mind.

Send me your ideas and I will help you.


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