It's too easy to point out Confucius' saying that ends with "I do and I understand". But it's also true! Learners must be highly involved in experiential teaching strategies to be successful 21st century citizens.

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Put Your Simulation in Motion – Not Quite Yet

Your model is clear. The issues for action and decision are clear. Your participants have clearly recognized and taken their roles. You’re ready to turn your would-be presidents, generals, captains of industry, peasants, slaves, kings, buyers, sellers loose.


But not yet.

If you mean to make sure that the simulation’s sequence will work smoothly both for your educational goals and for your students’ high involvement at least two points must be kept in the planning-mind: (more…)

You Gotta Be in it to Win it

The last post briefly spoke to equal roles for all participants. This point is so important that I thought I’d spend an additional post on the premise. Remember too, that the previous post spoke about role-taking and role playing. Insofar as these concepts are important on whole they are that much more essential in designing roles so that each student / participant feels that whatever role they have taken has value.

Where the previous post elaborated on assuring that each role player understood clearly, their own and where applicable, their whole group’s tasks, this notion must be balanced by an even distribution of responsibilities for each. (more…)